Sobre a necessidade de novos xingamentos


A matéria em si não tem nada de mais, mas a reflexão final é muito interessante. Reproduzo abaixo (grifos meus):

I think it comes down to the fact the we need some new offensive words. It seems that a lot of people who clearly support gay rights, keep getting sucked into the trap of using a gay slur, and it’s because there aren’t that many other options out there. In some cases, homophobic slurs no longer translate into a hatred of gay people, it’s just become a way to express anger with someone. This clearly needs to change. I think Webster’s Dictionary needs to get together and come up with a bunch of new offensive words for all of us to use in the heat of the moment, so that people stop having to fall back on homophobia. It’s called PROGRESS!

Adiciono aqui a necessidade de criar também novos xingamentos não-machistas (ser filho de uma prostituta não diz nada sobre o caráter de uma pessoa) e interjeições não-machistas e não-religiosas.

Neologistas, UNI-vos!